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Garlic Heart Care Formula

Garlic Heart Care Formula
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Model: Czosnek
Manufacturer: Nutrilite
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NUTRILITE® Garlic Heart Care Formula - 120 tablets

Nr.product 1013

Nurture your heart with clinically significant levels of allicin, garlic's key component.

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Usage Rate: 120 Use(s) per Bottle
Recommended use: 2 Use(s) per day
NUTRILITE Garlic Heart Care Formula delivers garlic's key ingredients in a coated tablet that includes soothing peppermint oil. The coating delays release of the garlic in the tablet until it reaches the intestinal tract, to minimize "garlic breath."
The garlic used in our Heart Care Formula is sourced from the highest-quality, mountain-grown garlic and concentrated at low heat (with no additives) to retain more of its natural benefits.
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Garlic Heart Care Formula
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